Phoenix, AZ Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Heating

HVAC Installation & Repair

Alaskan Home Services has over 40 years of experience in providing home and business owners with the best quality service for all their air conditioning, heating and plumbing needs. We are a family owned and operated business servicing Phoenix, AZ. We will continue to be an industry leader by consistently providing our customers greater comfort and savings by delivering the most cost-effective services available combined with the most efficient, highest-quality products on the market. We are proud to offer excellent plumbing services, as well as HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ.

We provide free estimates on all new systems!

an hvac technician reading an estimate, hvac installation & repairBecause we operate our own metal shop, we are often able to take our customers from system failure to new AC installation in less than 24 hours. Our goal is to provide fast, affordable HVAC & plumbing installation and repair services, and we will always work to restore your heating, cooling, or plumbing systems quickly, effectively, and affordably.

If you need HVAC installation & repair in Phoenix, AZ or Plumbing repair services, please give Alaskan Home Services a call! (602) 252-7526

Duct Sealing

Homes in Phoenix, AZ could be losing up to 50% of their total conditioned air through leaks in the ducting. Heating and cooling your home can account for over 40% of your total monthly energy bills, and so leaking ducts could account for a significant waste of energy each month!

Alaskan Home Services is one of the few companies in Phoenix, AZ that happily offers the innovative, environmentally-friendly method of duct sealing known as Aeroseal. By utilizing this product, we can effectively seal ducts and eliminate holes, cracks, or leaks that could contribute to high energy bills without restricting the interior diameter of your ducting. First, we perform a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the entire ducting system and locate any leaks along seams or through small holes. By sealing the ducting system, we can use air pressure to force Aeroseal molecules through these small holes, where they expand and effectively plug the leak without coating the inside of the ducting, which can reduce airflow.

We also provide the following installation, repair, and maintenance services for your home’s heating, cooling, or plumbing systems:

If you need HVAC Installation & Repair in Phoenix, AZ, or plumbing repair services, please call us today at (602) 252-7526

We are here for you 24/7 for emergency repairs! 

Cooling Services

Air Conditioner Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your Unit, HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZIn recent years, great strides in technology have changed air conditioning systems from a once impossible luxury to a now affordable convenience. Government regulations now stipulate a minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration) of 13, and manufacturers have surpassed expectations with models offering SEER ratings of 20 and above. Combine that with improved fan blade shape, a port for diagnostics, upgraded compressor technology, and a new ozone-friendly refrigerant, and consumers are enjoying quieter, more efficient temperature control for less money.

Our fully trained service technicians will quickly diagnose and repair the problem, and disclose all costs before ever beginning the work. By providing you with all the information upfront, we can move forward with the best possible solution for your home and budget.

We also offer cost-effective maintenance plans for your HVAC and plumbing systems. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction above all else, and we know how to best keep your family comfortable  all year-round. By performing regular maintenance twice a year on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sytems, you can effectively reduce wear and tear on your HVAC unit and significantly extend its working life while improving its efficiency (and therefore reducing its cost) each month.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Our trained technicians know how to make any service call run smoothly by implementing their vast training and experience. Combining their skills and knowledge with our access to air conditioning products at an affordable price can bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you get the best HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ. Alaskan Home Services is a certified, bonded, licensed, and insured authorized service provider. We offer installation services for air conditioning and heating products for Phoenix, AZ in addition to a wide range of plumbing installation and repair services. Give us a call today for your plumbing needs, or HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ! (602) 252-7526

Heating Services

Are you in the market for a new heating system? Your heating unit is one of the most expensive appliances you’ll purchase for your home, and if all goes well, you’re going to live with it for the next twenty years. Selecting a furnace and an installation contractor are important decisions, but many consumers have misconceptions about what they need. Alaskan Home Services looks to educate our customers to make absolutely sure they get the most benefit from their heating investment.

Furnace Maintenance Will Keep Your Home Safe and Reduce Energy Bills, HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ

Your comfort is our priority. Whether you have an urgent air conditioning repair, heating repair or plumbing need, our service department never closes, and our fleet of fully stocked trucks are always just a phone call away! Our trained technicians know how to make any AC Service call run smoothly by implementing their vast training. Combining their skills and knowledge with our access to air conditioning products at a great price can bring you the peace of mind in knowing that you get the best air conditioning deal in Phoenix! Alaskan Home Services is a certified, bonded, licensed and insured authorized service provider. We will promptly take care of all your plumbing and HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Furnace Maintenance

When it comes to your heating equipment, dirt is the enemy. As dirt builds on components such as the motor, air handler or heat exchanger, it creates friction, causing the system to consume more energy and cost more money to operate. Your heating equipment cannot come close to the manufacturer’s expectations if certified professionals do not clean it annually. Call Alaskan Home Services and schedule the seasonal cleaning of your home or commercial heating system. We’re happy to provide a full range of plumbing services and HVAC installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Plumbing Services

We are a full-service plumber with a wide range of products and services. If something plumbing-related breaks or stops working, give us a call or contact us online and we will be happy to help.

Our trained plumbers will repair:

  • Leaks (water or gas)Regular Plumbing Maintenance Will Keep Your System Flowing Smoothly, HVAC installation and repair
  • Clogged drains and pipes
  • Gas and water piping
  • Sump pumps
  • Water heaters
  • Tub and shower faucets
  • Toilets, sinks, faucets & fixtures of all kinds
  • Plumbing violations
  • Water softeners
  • Icemaker lines